Thursday, March 21, 2013

Durham resident is the author of the Willie Lynch Letter

Dr. Kwabena Ashanti dropped the bomb as I prepared to sign books at the Beyu Café in Downtown Durham. 

“I’m the author of the Willie Lynch Letter, “he said as I waited for a crowd to line up for me to sign my new novel.”

It was the biggest news of the year, I thought as I begged him to tell me the rest of the story.  Ashanti, who lives in Durham, NC, is the mastermind of the biggest hoax since the claim that Microsoft had purchased the Roman Catholic Church.

The Willie Lynch Letter is mentioned in the movie The Great Debaters.  The notions of the letter became popular after Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan quoted parts of it during his speech at the Million Man March in 1995.  Farrakhan later used the letter to support his claim that slave owners used the letter to control slaves.

The letter purported to be a verbatim account of a speech delivered by Willie Lynch to an audience gathered on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding the management of slaves. Lynch, a slave owner, tells other slave masters that he had discovered the secret to controlling black slaves by setting them against one another.

Ashanti claims that he wrote the letter in 1970 as a way to present his theory related to the current division inherent in the black community. The document was assumed to be an authentic account of slavery during the 18th century, and was used by members of the academy, ministers and activist to draw attention to the ongoing implications of slavery.

The letter advises slave owners to take advantage of the differences among the slaves – dark skin versus light skin, straight hair versus nappy hair, house slave versus filed slaves.  The philosophy of the letter fit already existing assumptions within the black community.  The letter gave credibility to the notion that deep division within the black community is a carryover from enslavement.

Malcolm X used the same thought process in his speech Message to the Grassroots.  Malcolm spoke about the two types of enslaved blacks: “the “house Negro” and the field Negro”. The house Negro lived in his owner’s house, dressed well, and ate well.  He loved his owner as much as the owner loved himself, and he identified with his owner.  If the owner got sick, the house Negro would ask, “Are we sick?”  If someone suggested to the house Negro that he escape slavery, he would refuse to go, asking where he could possibly have a better life than the one he had.

Malcolm X described the field Negro, who he said were the majority of slaves on a plantation. The field Negro lived in a shack, wore raggedy clothes, and ate chittlins. He hated his owner. If the owner's house caught fire, the field Negro prayed for wind. If the owner got sick, the field Negro prayed for him to die. If somebody suggested to the field Negro that he escape, he would leave in an instant.

Malcolm X said that there are still house Negroes and field Negroes. The modern house Negro, he said, was always interested in living or working among white people and bragging about being the only black in his neighborhood or on his job. Malcolm X said the Black masses were modern field Negroes and described himself as a field Negro.

The Speech to the Grassroots has been used to define and celebrate authentic black identity.  It led to the usage of the label “Uncle Tom”.  Malcolm’s words were rendered within the context of a revival to define blackness in a way that repudiated thoughts and actions that mirrored a celebration of white identity.

Ashanti has authored at least ten books that focus on the importance of an Afrocentric culture and the education of African beliefs.  His book Psychotechnology of Brainwashing examines what he calls the system of White Supremacy’s niggerization process.  He concludes that all areas of our society conditions black people to fear and seek acceptance from White people, while degrading black lives. His work seeks to reverse that process.

A librarian at the University of Missouri-St, Louis, posted the Willie Lynch Letter on the library’s Gopher server in 1993.  The librarian later revealed that she obtained the document from the publisher of the St. Louis Black Pages, a local newspaper.  Although she was convinced the letter was a forgery, she elected to leave it on the Gopher server because she believed that “even as an inauthentic document, it says something about the former and current state of African America.”

Roy Rosenzweig and William Jelani Cobb, two respected historians, have been on record that the letter is hoax before Ashanti’s confession. The opinion of the academic community has not tainted the relevancy of the letter in the eyes of many.  Like the librarian at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the assumptions of Ashanti’s hoax are real enough to transcend his hoax into the realm of truth.

The questions related to Ashanti’s game are many.  What does it mean when you formulate a philosophy based on assumptions that are not validated by true scholarship?  What are the dangers connected to teachings lessons tied to historical pain devoid of a clear connection between the past and the present.

It can be assumed that Ashanti’s hoax is relevant to the discussion involving the psychology of black people.  We could assert a high level of continued brainwashing and niggerization.  All of that may be true, but can we make that claim simply because it feels that way?

With that being said, what are the consequences of embracing any theory based on thoughts created by the person who uses the hoax to justify their claims?

Sounds like brainwashing to me, but it could be argued that I’m brainwashed.



  1. For years, some white people invented stories, medical hoaxes, and laws designed to either allow slavery, justify slavery, or to dissipate guilt over past slavery or current prejudice.

    Why would there not also be some black people who fabricate documents or history in order to justify their own world view as well?

    So, you have asked the relevant questions: "What does it mean when you formulate a philosophy based on assumptions that are not validated by true scholarship? What are the dangers connected to teachings lessons tied to historical pain devoid of a clear connection between the past and the present."

    A liar is a liar, regardless of color and regardless of purpose, and should be treated accordingly. It would appear that Dr. Ashanti is proud of being a liar, which only makes him a sad figure.

    1. If you are a Human...YOU have also lied about something...for some reason... justified in your own, that makes us ALL a sad figure!

      You should not judge Dr. Ashanti, try to "understand" WHAT motivated his actions? May you find happiness by doing so :-)

    2. Of course, as humans we have all been guilty of lying at some time in the past (some more than others). That begs the question.

      Why can't I judge Dr. Ashanti? Without claiming moral superiority, we can all hold others up to the light of judgement. You seem to claim that Ashanti was justified because what MOTIVATED his lie served some higher purpose. We've been dealing with the "ends justify the means" argument for a long time, and it never wins. Otherwise we justify all sorts of abhorrent activity. Remember, slaveholders used this line of reasoning as well, as I stated.

    3. Anonymous what ever it takes to get a point across to help further a person or people is justification. The Bible is full of parables and even says in Galatians that the stories in the Bible are a Allegory!! Your focused on the story instead of the message! Your priorities are off!

  2. Dr. Ashanti taught me Psychology at NCCU back in the 70's. He was and still is very interesting and just a simple conversation with him on any topic is always enlightening!!

  3. Interesting claim.

  4. Really what difference does it make if he lied about who wrote it or when it was written the fact remains that it's true and yes propaganda still controls the black population today rather it be thru music comercials or whatever. What other race ridicules its members for being the "color" of the race. Blacks actually make fun of others for being black. If your hair is thick it's nappy if it's more like whites then it's called good hair... I could go on . The point is everything in the speech/letter is what blacks face now in the modern world and yes it did start from white shareholder/supremacy propaganda. P.s stop being anonymous stand for your ideals

  5. He did not write it. I know personally the person who did and they still live in St. Louis. It was the owner of the Black Pages. It was originally written as an exploration of the effects of slavery on black people. It was never intended to be published . When it got to the librarian who put it out, it went viral.

    1. Sit down and give your mind a rest.

    2. That's precisely what St Louis area Librarian said and at this late date I offer a affirmative to your comment ! Most of these so-called Black scholars are damn fools and counter narrative charlatans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. the letter is allegorical.i see it daily!

  6. Well maybe I should come up with such a letter and see if it catches fire. The book is for sale on Amazon and other sellers by the way. Not a bad piece of pocket change to help enlighten our people.

    Did we really need this letter to pass on to another generation who still --do not know their own identity? As research goes, I found this letter to be a great waste of my time. I have a better breadcrumb, untold --- Exodus 1 in the Bible. Now there is an untold story about our history and origin. Could some of these great minds begin to delve into that?

    1. Bible, now there's a forged illegitimate document

    2. Hah!!!...that's the truth...The Roman Catholic Church Empire and the hypnotism they have perpetuated upon the world wide Peoples of the earth is simply mental and physical genocide. And these False Appearance doctrines and actions have been Pushed and Pressed upon our Psyche the common great masses of people for centuries... this is the perps mental deficit-an Psychopathology that have no basis in nature. We are The Gods and Goddesses we have been waiting on to wake the F### Up from this nightmare. Turn on the switch and wake up. Wow!!! when will we re-cognize no matter who you are-that the lies the European culture has instituted as fact is a veil to keep us all blind. One more thing...the dominant culture is not the gauge for Living a life of Salvation & Liberation Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. Go into the Darkness the Dense light -The Black Dot of Renewal practice DeVotion and turn on your Divinity every nano-second. Love

  7. The fact that the document is an "untrue" account of better implementation of slavery in American history is of little significance compared to the state of Black people in America today. The ills and divisive tactics outlined in the speech, are the very issues that plague the Black community today, i.e, we are doing it to ourselves. So what, Willie Lynch, speech writer, never existed, the message is still clear and one that we need to hear and change ourselves and our communities

  8. Sharing again.........I  am comfortable in my natural state..I am a trouble maker!!... I read and act immediately never just knowing for conversation purposes..... I am a trouble maker. I am a thinker ...I will change the odds against me ... I am a trouble maker..I will show others how to do the same... I am a trouble maker..  I give all respect and respect anothers choices with the full understanding that I too will make a choice... I too expect it to be respected by all no matter the color no matter the pay grade no matter male or female.. I do this with love and not hate.. I do this with mental strength ...I do this because I know my worth and I also know yours...I am a trouble maker...i challenge others second.. first I challenge myself.. first step by step removing myself from the Lynch construction.. the Lynch attitude, The Lynch plan, The Lynch definition of freedom... the Lynch hand in my makeup dipped in my blood The Lynch religion to destroy my individuality...I AM a problem!!! I am willing to die for my voice ...people will hear so others will live. I AM A PROBLEM! !! I will do everything with my heart and full use of my mind. . I will appear to be a weak angle because I look years early I will be viewed as a non threat until I open my mouth and a strong movable wind brushes out veiwed to the pretended power, the forced power  I will be perceived as a BEAST!!! To the strong depicted as weak and transformed to be as weak I will be the definition of LIFE, true FREEDOM. . he will began to see male as King he  recognizes his POSITION.. no longer willing to cower to the back he will see Mr Lynch as Willie and himself as an equal. She will see herself as Queen encouraging the forward PUSH with  elegance... focused on the transformation of the mind of herself so her children can be the raised not as slaves but recognizing she has the potential to be apart of the making of a King and Queen ... I am trouble, a lover , a beast , a transformer equaling to a small part or large part of a resolution..This depends on how far you will allow me and yourself to reach... I am who I am.. I am how you choose to see me... I am my own I AM ...I have found life in the fight to love myself You can too. .. Ps did not have time to spell check ..This is off the top.... Wanita Moses

  9. People we are indeed asleep. We as a people do things without knowing some time. The author was using empirical data to form a character based on actual past and present actions of the black nation. It was not a lie but a channeling of sorts. That's ecactly how scientist shed light on pathologies by examining what is to understand what was.

    1. Thank you,
      Someone that knows exactly how to shed light on this situation.

  10. Truthfully, they can tell you anything and you will believe it. The oppressor can be using Dr.Astani to fool the so called Blacks. Now Willy Lynch may not have written the book (Which is still questionable).But I highly doubt if a black man wrote it and if he did I guarantee a white man was behind it in some way. Know your history or your doomed to repeat it.

  11. I have been telling folk for YEARS before this news the letter was contrived. BUT I LOVE IT!!! I think the author did a wonderful thing passing it off a REAL,because IT IS REAL! It is as real as the faith you may or may not follow. It has stimulated and saved minds. It has dared to confront us as a people to the sickness we have been nurturing in our hearts - as a damaged people - for centuries. PLEASE GET OVER IF IT WAS TRUE OR NOT. Books are written everyday with fictional accounts hoping to wake our people up. Movies, plays, etc. Because many are suppressed by the temporary powers that be, many are not successful or supported so that many of us don't even know there is such an effort. So, a SCANDAL was needed to get this mirror to see the light of day! It and other media don't have to be an authentic event to impart knowledge? White folk have been telling lies since they first appeared on the earth! But we need to stop with our color-ism issues. Example: POTUS Barack H. OBAMA is a cause for contention among many of us. "He wouldn't have gotten elected is he wasn't half-white/lightskinn-ded." Have any of those who cling to that looked at his wife? The FLOTUS is a black queen at her best and he was wise to accept and choose his former boss for a mate. Unlike many of our other men in high places and/or wealthy, he chose to "go back to black"! He has more African blood in him than many of us running around smacking and poking out lips from being pissed off. There is more to you than your hue. WAKE UP and put your grown clothes on.


    I LOVE & CONCUR with your statement, Wanitaa Moses! And I give less than a damn about spell-check because you are the TOP!

  12. Thanks for all the perspectives you guys. Much knowledge acquired. Sharing!
    *Sis Wanita am sharing that.

  13. Thanks for all the perspectives you guys. Much knowledge acquired. Sharing!
    *Sis Wanita am sharing that.

  14. Let's look at it from a different perspective. The infamous Willie Lynch Letter, writer emerges and no one is asking for a proof. This does reflect something about us, vulnerability, innocence, and dismay. Willie Lynch is not the only elephant in the room as culprit to our plight. Very soon we will be arguing whether or not slavery existed and whether European Americans are actual indigenes of North America. It will Happen, and when it does - someone will write a book, and many would claim the entitlement.

    So in 1787, the U.S. Constitution allows a male slave to count as three-fifths of a man in determining representation in the House of Representatives. This was the precursor to the one-drop rule, a sociological and legal principle of racial classification that was historically prominent in the United States asserting that any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African heritage ("one drop" of African blood) is considered to be “black or Negro”. This concept evolved over the course of the 19th century and became codified into the 20th century segregation laws, which were created to affirm the principles of continuity in superiority of class and race. This following initiatives were effectively implemented:

    The Colonial Rule initiative
    The Willie Lynch initiative
    The Henry Berry’s initiative

    The Willie Lynch effect has a lasting impact on African development by infecting the individual psyche with psychosocial disorder which eventually culminates in a collective neurosis for the victim as well as for the beneficiary from the initiative. The adverse effect of “white privilege” begins with its denial. The rapid development experienced by people of European heritage, both collectively and individually is undeniably due to the wealth effect from its conquest of the unassuming indigenous people of the world, and taking over their land, legacy, knowledge, spirit, and intelligence. Even worse are the audacious and carefully curated lies, and insidious methods used to antagonize peaceful and rational efforts disoriented or discouraged to maintain the false sense of superiority, which is often unnecessary in a political system where people of European descent are majority. The falsified sense of superiority is well-established often become light houses for new forces of oppressive, corruptive, racists and misguided violent terrorist that purports to serve “western civilization – is termed cultivated dependency. Cultivated dependencies are myths and tethers that are consciously designed for subconscious and automatic implementation and effect to assert the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice that plagues people marginalized worldwide. The ripple effect of cultivated dependency and the wake behind its historical legacy can be traced as root causes of many bad social conditions and unnecessary human suffering in many societies. These conditions which occur in vicious cycles are often common to all African communities wherever they may be in the world; we can find similar forms of unnecessary suffering of the people. A typical list of social conditions of the minority citizens includes unemployment, poor economy, injustice, brain drain, high dropout rate, sporadic murder and mayhem in the streets, unsafe public environment, high unemployment, high crime rate, police brutality, racism, substandard schools, dilapidated housing, inadequate healthcare, internal mistrust, social hierarchy, and political misrepresentation, psychosocial effect on shades of veneer, and pervasive sense of hopelessness.

    The Henry Berry’s effect is the perfect explanation for why African communities are literally in the dark about our conditions.

    Colonial rule is still with us today and will be with us until level the playing rules are equal for everyone.

    Happy Kwanzaa everyone

  15. Freedom Is A MustMay 14, 2016 at 11:46 AM

    I don’t know if this man is the originator of the Willie Lynch letter or not as there is another proudly claiming to have written it here –
    I have always dismissed it as a hoax.
    It is amazing that anyone would think that it is OK for our so called leaders and elders to invent 'slavery' myths to keep us enslaved, when there is so much reality actually holding us down, while we are trying to rise.
    The way how the so called conscious community keeps us in victim mentality, and want to wear slavery labels like a badge. To be clear some NEVER accepted the labels, the treatment, or considered/believed themselves slaves.
    People fought it then and are still fighting it today.
    The YouTube link I put up, I wrote a comment that has since been removed calling the man a sell-out, like Alex Haley with his fake 'Roots' story, that he plagiarised from a white author' (keeping generations stuck since)
    I don’t even think the word 'slavery' truly describes that part of our story and the ramifications since: we need a new word FUBU style (For Us By Us) in a similar way that the so called Jews have their word 'Holocaust' (Etymology ='Whole Burnt')NO ONE ELSE CAN USE IT FOR ANYTHING OR ANYBODY ELSE -- Yet the original 'Slaves' (Etymology = 'Slavs', i.e.: Yugoslavians, and Czechoslovakians) Europeans, who got rid of the name for themselves, now want to dictate how it is used, but we are fighting to keep it with pride? NOW they have taken it back and use it in international law to mean something else (Someone who works for little or no pay, or sex slaves, etc) yet we still want to wear it like clothes?
    There is a word called 'Maafa' a Swahili word that means 'Great Disaster', to be honest I do prefer it, however since Swahili includes a mix of Arabic, it is not FUBU enough for me, as I have just as big a problem with the Arab/Indian Slave trade, as I do with so called Trans Atlantic slave trade, and even worse that the Arabic 'slavery' incredibly still continues today in some parts of the world.
    Some elders are the gate keepers of the community, keeping us in bondage, to me they are nothing but Coons & Sambos, i.e. the real niggers. They help keep us in victim mode, worse they do so with pride.
    Malcolm said ‘they are trying to keep you on the plantation’

    1. The person in the video you posted is the same person mentioned in this blog

    2. Freedom Is A MustMay 15, 2016 at 8:53 AM

      Thanks for the clarification, great to know as I wasn't sure - The Willie Lynch myth was spread worldwide first by Farrakhan at the Million Man March (1995)who many trusted as bringing factual information - Immortalised onscreen by Denzil washington in 'The Great Debators' and also Jim Brown in 'The Animal' - Notice in the video he says he came back from Vietnam 'angry', if so angry why didn't he write about the plight of Blacks in Vietnam/Military? Instead he came back to the community with a Black Pysops operation, notice he says he was waiting for something to happen, nothing did, (Notice that the snake didn't even tell his friends that was down with him)(I beg to differ, he dumbed down a generation, with what they call the Willie Lynch Syndrome), and those of us that didn't believe or buy it, were looked at like we are dismissing the reality of 'slavery' (I hate that word) Now he has a new book he wants us to buy, to reverse the spell that he created in the first place? Now some say it doesn't matter if it wasn't true, it describes our program/condition perfectly!!!! How ridiculous and embarrassing: This person is introduced as a 'specialist on brain washing & deprogramming techniques.
      The Spell Is Deep, We Better Wake up From Our Sleep.

  16. Ashanti claims that he wrote the letter in 1970 as a way to present his theory related to the current division inherent in the black community.

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  17. Well millions of black people celebrated the birth of christ and the annual coming of Santa to justify some means this winter, be it to gather with family, subconsciously uphold a narrative of white supremacy or maybe even celebrate the birth of a so called Jesus in December. What ever the case it was a lie that brought millions of people together. Just saying wether we agree or disagree. It is what it is... Anyway, For better or for worst, I can say the Willie Lynch papers taught me to use my mind consciously in a racist society to get beyond colorism and other things that divide and conquer people of color. Knowing the speech is made up doesn't take that away from me. Hell Alex Hailey's book called "Roots" which was made into a movie and said to be true was in great detail made up. Yet its celebrated year after year. Bottom line with the truth revealed we must use what we know to be of use to advance our understanding of what keeps us apart in order for us to unite. 😳

  18. Wanita or Mrs./Ms. Moses impressive writing. I am not able to relate other than being ostracized for being Jewish at times in my past. That's the moment I ditched religion for the belief in just GOD the wrath and lunacy that has perpetuated to a great deal of 2000+ years of separation and fear. I am not the most knowledgeable authority on the 3 major religious beliefs but from my ignorant observation all the chaos over 5%-10% difference in the way the story was explained, it to me basically said that there's this set of human laws which 10 commandments are morally questionable treat others as you would like to be treated simple shit people. The problem is that everyone is so caught up with the big picture instead of all the tiny moments me and everyone else just take for granted. Thanks so much for the knowledge on a subject that I am not going to see a solution to in my lifetime sad but true jealousy is easier to accept than being just extremely prideful of your journey on life's path.

  19. Could also be an elaborate and desperate attempt by white ppl, to cover up, by implying the letter is false and thereby shifting the focus of the masses.

  20. Radical Farrakhan-nists and Fee-Palestine bigots:
    Do Brown Black Lives matter...if they're Israelis?


    Since color has become a language somehow, and anti Israel bigots distort, then let's remind, most Israelis are "brown," in terms of stats. You have also many Ethiopian Jews.

    No wonder the propagandists will never show democratic multiracial Israel in day to day lives.

    Or elaborate on anti-black racism in the Goliath Arab world. Though all non Arabs have been through racism in that world.


    But of course Israeli security concerns are just that. Unrelated to any "color" or "race." Actually, speaking of racism, yes, Arab Muslim attackers target only Jews. Talk about real racism.


    True, hijacking of term 'it's racism," is as old as Palestine propaganda emerged by holocaust denier Issa Nakhleh who began in June-17-1949 the "like the Nazis and worse than nazis" line (and by Nov-14-1972 said all 6,000,000 were alive and Hitler "didn't" kill, and represented 'Muslim Congress' at Holocaust deniers convention in 1981), then picked up in 1960 by Nazi Tacuara saluter Ahmad Shukairy who by Oct-17-1961 added that garbage-touch apartheid slur too and questioned Catholic Uruguayan rep. Enrique Fabregat's loyalty, stating because he's (supposedly) a Jew. And both, of course were Hitler's ally ex-mufti Islamic leader al-Husseini avid fans. With Shukairy his aide.

    Speaking of ex Mufti's admirers... Sufi Abdul Hamid, infamous 'Black Hitler' in NY who called to drive out Italians and Jews in the 1929-30, was also his admirer.


    One might begin to argue there is such a thing as "pro Palestine", (only) when Farrakhan linked Ilhan Omar / Linda Sarsour / Rashida Tlaib will have a routine of decrying Arab Muslim suffering when it's not in context of Israel (who has been facing existential threat ever since) but suffering when by Arab Muslim entities. One would then hear about a real en-masse massacre. Such as hundreds of thousands in Syria, current example. And if they begin to do anything along the line, then no lip service please. But with that same "passion" as in fake "sympathy" played at the 'other' case.

    The absentee reason is clear. Self explanatory. Because pro Palestine is a cover for anti Israel and often anti ALL Jews.

    A note re L Farrakhan, that guy with his "blue eyes are the devil," when he uttered his "termites" venom, his genocidal hint was clear under the veil. For more about Dehumanization in radical Islamic Arab or even mainstream racist "Palestinian" education and sermons, search for "apes and pigs, Palestinians". Or see PalWatch and MEMRI.

  21. Carl . . .
    I'm not sure if you know, but Dr. Ashanti died last month (ibaiye!),