Friday, August 3, 2012

Support for Cousin proves the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People is headed in the right direction

The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People is moving in the right direction.  Most within the powerful group are standing behind their man.  Philip Cousin will remain the chair after being appointed as Joe Bowser’s replacement on the Durham Board of County Commissioners. 
The question of conflict of interest was raised by some within the organization.  The Rev-elution suggested the possible conflict could serve as a diversion during an important election season. That concern was squashed at a recent meeting where the masses rallied in support of Cousin and refuted all claims that the DCABP constitution forbids an elected official from serving as the chair.
Support for Cousin is a result of the organization moving in a positive direction.  “I personally think he is doing an excellent job,” says Lottie Hayes, a long time member of the DCABP. “I’m very impressed with the way he handles the meetings.”
Hayes is not alone in her assessment of Cousin.  Chuck Watts, vice-chair of the political committee, feels the DCABP is moving in the right direction.  Watts expressed concern that Cousin’s appointment to the Board of County Commissioners could serve as a distraction from the work of the DCABP, by commends Cousin’s leadership style.
The question of the constitution was addressed at the August 2nd meeting.  Members of the legal redress committee affirmed the lack of mention in the constitution that forbids an elected official serving as chair.  It was noted that the issue was raised before Cousin decided to consider replacing Bowser on the Board of County Commissioners. 
The strong support for Cousin, combined with the progress within the DCABP, speaks loudly regarding the difference Cousin has made as chair.  Cousin has focused on reestablishing the integrity of the office he holds with the DCABP.  Doing that meant forcing the committees to function with a higher level of accountability.  He has served as a great administrator by helping the DCABP remember the reasons behind it being formed years ago.
The questions regarding Cousin staying on as chair were, in part, rooted in the madness of former days.  The DCABP has been riddled with inconsistent leadership that was based more on the personality of the one in charge than the agenda at hand.  Cousin has set people free to manage the work they have been charged to complete.  He is not a micromanager.  He is not fighting to be heard or lobbying for control.
Cousin is fighting to make a difference.
At the end of the day, it’s not Cousin’s fault that Joe Bowser stepped down as a member of the Board of County Commissioners.  It’s not his fault that he was the best person to take the seat.  It’s part of the burden of being gifted and focused on the goal at hand.  The membership of the DCABP had a decision to make.  Would they be ruled by what has always been, or would they move forward while trusting the one they have chosen to lead them.
The DCABP has chosen to trust. They trust because they have all been freed to serve.  That leadership was put to a test.  The people have spoken.  Cousin will lead the way.
It’s the best thing that has happened to the DCABP in a long time.  It’s no longer about who’s in charge.  It’s about the people deciding to make a difference.
Let the masses go back and serve.
The time has come.

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