Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Heart Chocolate

It’s better than a scene from one of my favorite movies-“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. I prefer Gene Wilder over Jonny Depp. Depp’s depiction of Charlie takes the fun out of chocolate.

I feel like one of the kids who unwrapped a Wonka bar to win a Golden Ticket. Off to the chocolate factory I go! “We have so much time, and so little to do. Wait! Stop! Reverse that,” remember that line from the movie.

Imagine this, fifteen chocolate vendors inside one building while people dance to music. The thought of two of my favorite things in one place at the same time seems as farfetched as the adventures in the movie. Brace yourself! It’s happening within walking distance from where I live.

Kokyu BBQ truck will offer Cocoa Braised Brisket. Dang Good Dogs will have a hot dog with chocolate chilly. Did I say fifteen vendors with trucks on the outside and tables on the inside and music thumping and people strutting. You better get there!

Cocoa Cinnamon, Kukia’s Cookies, Locopops, The Parlour, KoKyu, The Chocolate Door, Berenbaum’s, Pearl Gray Frozen Custard, Bike Coffee, and Parlez-Vous Crepe are a few of the venders who will be present at I (HEART) CHOCOLATE. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream with dancing. The dancing is optional.

I’m going to chomp on those Kukia cookies. The first time I devoured one of the organic, lavender, chocolate chip thangs my tongue went into a coma. Triangle organizers Jeff and King will team up with Casbah of Durham on Friday, August 19th to host this event to bring attention to my favorite aphrodisiac.

Food trucks will take over the parking lot next to Casbah at 1007 West Main Street. Inside those vendors will please us with their culinary artistry. Willy Wonka can’t touch this.

The ‘chocolate bazaar” will be accompanied by the sounds of disc jockey, are you ready for this, Chocolate Thunder. The Thunder will do his usual blending of sounds from around the world. There’s nothing like a sugar high to get your feet moving.

I have a week to prepare for the night. I’m working out twice a day to offset the poundage certain to come after I do my share of damage. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem since I can dance the chocolate away after each cookie eaten.

I’ve got my Golden Ticket. Hope you can join me. Those tickets will sell for five bucks. I’ll be there after hanging out at the Brightleaf Square to listen to live music with Swift Creek. It’s my Friday evening hang out. Free live music at the Square every Friday beginning at 7pm. The chocolate factory opens at 9 and won’t close until 2 am.

Willy Wonka says it best. “A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.”

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