Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NC Gov. Pat McCrory delivers a plate of cookies to abortion rights advocates: It's not TV

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory watches too much television. It’s a sad day when you lower yourself to taking cues from a television show.

He should have kept those cookies to himself. 

A group of abortion rights protesters outside the Executive Mansion were stunned on Tuesday when McCrory hand-delivered them a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  What was he thinking?  Maybe it was a gesture suggesting they needed to get back in the kitchen to bake cookie for Beaver.

Maybe he was confused when he saw protesters dressed in 1950s outfits.  It was their way to symbolize days before the burning of bras, and Gloria Steinman co-founding Ms. Magazine. It may have helped if McCrory had read Steinman's article "After Black Power, Women's Liberation" which catapulted Steinman as a national feminist leader.

Did he really think a plate of cookies would silence a group intent on not going back to the days when patriarchy meant being barefoot and pregnant?

Or, has Patrick been overly persuaded by pop culture?

Fans of the EMMY Award winning show House of Cards have made the connection. In the fifth episode, Rep. Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Space, is confronted by protest from education advocates outside a fundraiser organized by his wife.  Underwood leaves the event with leftover food and beer.

"Don't take the food. We'll feed you later," says the leader of the union.

"Marty, you know that old saying, 'The most dangerous spot in the world is between a Teamster and free food,' " Underwood replies.

 "I'll take it!" says one protester, bringing an end to the protest.  

Did McCrory think abortion advocates would compromise their cause for a plate of cookies?  That stuff works on television, but in the real world you’ll find those cookies stuffed up your ass.

Maybe McCrory is watching too much Sesame Street.  Those women dressed like June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver, Beaver’s mom, shouldn’t be confused to be the Cookie Monster.  Wrong show Gov.

A spokesperson for the Gov. says he was just offering a bit of Southern hospitality.  The least he could have done is bring some milk with the cookies.  Better still, it would have been more hospitable for him to follow through on his campaign promise not to enforce restrictions on abortion.

Or, he could have answered questions.

Or, he could have at least read the bill before signing the darn thing.

Oh, did I fail to mention ole Gov. didn’t read the bill that restricts abortions in North Carolina. What fool would make that public?

Maybe Art Pope has become for McCrory what Cheney was for George Dub – Master.

Maybe McCrory is so busy baking cookies that he has no time to read.

At least he said God bless you, before handing the cookies over.  I’m sure a lot of prayer went into that decision.

Instead of jamming the cookies up McCrory’s a-hole, they slipped them under the mansion’s gate with a note requesting women’s health over cookies.

The governor’s communication director released a response which said, "Sometimes a plate of cookies is just a plate of cookies."

Yeah, and sometimes a plate of cookies is an insult. 

It’s hard for me to believe anyone can be that stupid. Could those cookies be a hidden message to pro-life advocates that he gave them some cookies to remind them of their proper place? He’ll probably pass out some fried chicken and collard greens for Rev. William Barber, president of North Carolina’s NAACP, and protesters at Moral Monday.  I wonder how that would go over.

It might help if someone took a look to see if Pope’s hand is lodged up McCrory’s back like a ventriloquist running things.  One thing is certain, McCrory is a dummy.

I bet the cookies were stale.

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