Monday, June 3, 2013

"Moral Monday": It's personal

The bullies in Raleigh have to be stopped. Yes, they must be stopped by “any means necessary”.  My Malcolm X alter ego just showed up.

The outcry from disgruntled citizens is picking up pace.  It’s hideous what Republican lawmakers have done in North Carolina.  Yes, Hell yes, it’s immoral.  The zeal of God is screaming for justice, and those with sense enough to read between the lines of political bull stank are showing up to fight the power.

So far, 153 have been arrested.  They show up every Monday at the North Carolina state legislative building to cry for change.

They call it “Moral Monday.”

The singing and chanting feels like old school, with warnings of pending arrest if protesters refuse to stop the clamor.  General Assembly Police Chief Jeff Weaver shouts like a resurrected Bull Conner with bullhorn in hand to remind protesters they are trespassing.

You are left feeling Weaver doesn’t want to play this weekly game of forcing people to go to jail for no other reason than expressing their ire toward those who use power like an assault weapon.  Those shouting for justice are enraged over a series of polices pushed by the Republican-controlled General Assembly. The list of woes includes budget cuts to education, abortion access, immigration rights, voting law changes and health care policy.

The mounting rise of resistance sends a clear message – this is a Civil War.  The backlash is met with an arrogant indifference that escalates the voices of those crying for justice.  Lawmakers haven’t spoken.  They remain glued to their inflated assumptions of privilege while refusing to listen to the pleas of those on the outside.

They could care less.

They function with a pride that fails to concede the handwriting on the wall.  Yes, judgment day is coming soon.  Yes, their reign of terror will end soon.  Those screaming hold the power of the ballot, and failure to acknowledge their presence will brew like lava waiting to explode.  This thing is rapidly building.  It will not stop.  Soon, it will be out of control.

No statement from the Governor.  No word coming from those who cast votes like a madman with a whip.  Sorry folks, this is not your granddaddy’s Dixie.  That approach may get you elected, but will it be enough to keep you in that job that feeds your conceit?

I plan to join the line of protest.  I plan to take my seat next to others willing to be arrested.  I’m aware of the consequences related to taking that seat.  More like me need to stand, but people like me take a greater risk when we decide to fight the powers willing to suck life out of those who scream to be seen.

What is the price of protest?  Will it keep us from finding work?  Will it result in our names being placed on a secretive list designed to punish trouble makers like me?  What happens when you fight the state? Is it worth the risk of not being able to eat?

Hell yes! It’s worth being locked out and kicked out.  Hell yes! I’m willing to fight the power.  It’s worth fighting for those who can’t find work and are forced to contend with less money in unemployment insurance.  After having money taken out of their checks, the state has imposed limits on how much they can receive.  I fight for those without medical insurance.  I fight because that person is me!

I fight despite understanding how it feels to be pigeon-holed as a radical and facing unemployment due to being placed on that secretive list.  I fight despite knowing the dire consequences of being labeled radical devoid of a safety net to pay the bills. 

That’s the real revolution!  It’s not for those who can afford the fight.  It’s for those who suffer when they fight!

They keep coming back.  More are coming.

This isn’t just politics. This is personal.

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