Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bowser Runs, Again

With all that drama that comes with the upcoming presidential election, it is easy to forget that residents in Durham County are facing an important local election. The past few years have been drama free due to the leadership on both the School Board and County Commission. The potential is there for a shift back to the crazy days that made Durham the brunt of jokes across the state.

Gone are the days of vicious attacks at school board meetings. The race card hasn’t been played since a few key members were ousted during the last election and replaced with sound minded, consensus builders. The Board of County Commission has been spared of the shoot em up politics of old. The elected officials in Durham County have functioned well of late. This election could move us back to those bad ole days.

Steve Schewel is stepping down as a member of the school board. All seems safe so far with the school board. The same can’t be said of the County Commission. A critic of consensus has risen from the ashes to run again. The last we heard of Joe Bowser he was being chided by the national leadership of the NAACP for inappropriately using his role to endorse a candidate for office.

Joe Bowser is a man with vision. There is no doubting his insight and passion for the poor. He has been a champion for those often left out of the discussion related to human service delivery. The problem with Bowser isn’t his ability to process issues, but his inability to hear criticism and to move forward in a way that best serves the community.

I understand this first hand. Close to two years ago, I wrote a piece in the Independent Weekly that questioned Browser’s judgment. What I did in that instance was no different than what I have done with others in leadership. My role, as a social commentator, is to delve into the political lives of those we elect to office. No one is safe. This is the reason I stray away from endorsing a candidate or an agenda.

I attacked Bowser for what appeared to be a conflict of interest. I questioned his misuse of power as the local head of the NAACP, and how he twisted the arm of the staff of county government while serving on the County Commission. Everything I wrote was documented. Of course, there is always room for discussion, and any good politician will use criticism as a door for understanding rather than a reason for discord.

I received two vicious letters. One was an attack from Bowser, and the other came from his wife. In these letters I was warned never to contact him again. I was told not to approach him in public. I was questioned for my leadership as a pastor, and condemned for being a womanizing, false prophet. He resorted to an attack of me using rumor as the basis for his assault.

His response was sent to others. This followed my attempt to explain the nature of my work. It didn’t matter. I was told that I was wrong, as a black man, for questioning the leadership of another black man. This assail reminded me of the conversation I had with Curtis Gatewood back in the day when Durham was searching for a new Superintendent. The school board was close to promoting Ted Drain, the interim superintendent, to the position. I wrote a column in the Herald-Sun after Gatewood called Drain an “uncle Tom”. We met at Dillards the following week. I was told it is never appropriate to criticize black leadership.

I was startled by that claim. “So, it is okay for you to do it, but not for anyone to do it to you.” Some leaders assume a free pass. I got the same reaction from Lavonia Allison after writing a column that attacked her for being a slumlord. It was shortly after she took the reigns of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People. The Housing Committee of the Durham Committee had worked tirelessly to construct a plan to enforce housing codes. Allison’s first order of business was to dismantle the agenda of her predecessor, Ken Spaaulding. She ended conversations with the Friends of Durham to create a “Memorandum of Understanding “ involving race. Then she ended the work of the housing committee. I wasn’t shocked. She’s a slumlord.

Allison came to my office with her pastor, Leonzo Lynch, who had his share of front-page clippings for being a slumlord. I was asked to recant. I was told that I had an obligation not to attack black leadership. It disturbed me that a slumlord brought a slumlord to my office to address an article about slumlords.

Bowser’s attack of me speaks to his leadership style. Implied is the presupposition that he stands above criticism, and, if it comes, the impression that the problem is with the person who bears the news. If I’m wrong, I will recant my claims. If you prove me wrong, I will say so with a spirit of humility, but if I’m told I’m not worth the space that occupies your shadow, there is nothing left for me to do.

If this is how he operates as a member of the County Commission, I grieve for all who walked on eggshells while serving with him.


  1. I was a Bowser supporter until he abandoned his long-time support for school impact fees in a last minute bid to win the favor of the real estate lobby.

    Joe didn't get their vote, but he lost mine.

  2. This is why I put stock in what you say: you are not afraid to hold anyone's feet to the fire, regardless of race or any other characteristics. When a candidate is promoted on the basis of race or ethnicity rather than his or her excellence in leadership, we all suffer. Thanks for not folding.

  3. What? No mention of Josh Parker, the only 20-something to so far toss his hat in. What do you thing of having such a young candidate?

  4. Thanks Steve for your past support, I know you are a good man.

  5. It is unfortunate that individuals like Kenny write false statements like this; but, if you only look at the condition of our community you get a good understanding of why he supports the leadership he mentioned. I (Joe Bowser) am not perfect, but it would be nice if Durham raised a population like me. Never used drugs, never been arrested/no court record, never been a thug or gang member, been married to the one and only wife for 35 years and supported my child to grow-up and get a college degree. Work with other young people toward the same. Never pretended to be a preacher and got fired. I will never support a political system that grows young to become gang member/thugs, community murderers, 50% high school dropout and a burden on the system,public officials stealing tax dollars, taxes through the roof and still can support itself, poverty and human tradegy our of control. Carl, unlike you, I will never support this, but I must assume this is all you have come to know. Tell your readers about you life history. Are you ashamed of it? Is your rollercoaster life back where it started-at the bottom. I will continue to work to change people like you and no one can stop me but God. I love people and want everyone to be better than me! Durham would not be the black-eye of the Triangle and State if its citizens were like me. Again, compare your record to mine so the people will know why this community suffers.

  6. Carl,

    I have never had a problem with you reporting the facts regarding me or any other so-called "black leader". My only concern is your apparent willingness to continuously smear the name of others (whether they be black, white, or red) before making sure all of the facts are straight. Your blog as it relates to me in your article entitled "Bowser Runs, Again" is a classic example of the fact there is nothing “Rev-evolutionary” about smearing “black leadership” based upon a flawed-opinion, gossip, jealousy, distortions, misconception, or black self-hatred.

    For instance, your blog publication of a meeting you claim to have had with me “back in the day” at "Dillard" is totally inaccurate. I would not waste my time telling you to “never criticize black leaders”. But to see you rehashing the tales of your greatest “attacks” on “black leadership” suggest signs of self-hatred and your apparent pride in such pitiful achievements. I would not be pleased to say I “attacked” anyone black or white. Therefore, I would have hoped you laid such questionable, ridiculous and divisive topics to rest.

    Contrary to popular belief and contrary to what you quoted me saying, I never called Ted Drain an “Uncle Tom”. You are obviously referring to a Herald-Sun news article where I compared some of Ted Drain’s disappointing efforts to ignore the concerns of poor blacks while conspicuously pandering to Durham’s wealthy whites and CEOs as acts similar to those of “Clarence Thomas”. I then referred to Clarence Thomas as a “21st Century House Negro”. The Herald-Sun further exploited the comments by using a headline which stated, “Gatewood calls Drain a ‘House Negro’”.

    To repeat and put quotation marks around the term “Uncle Tom” when referring to what I said violates good journalism, truth, and basically boils down to spreading gossip. I also consider it an act of “gossip” when you publicize a he-said-she-said statement based upon a private meeting between us “at Dillards”. This is also a meeting I do not recall. But even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and suggest the meeting happened, it does not sound like the type of conversation you should be willing to put on a blog. I could understand you repeating something I said at a press conference, speech, or some other public setting were there are witnesses/recordings that will confirm the accuracy of the statements. I find it disturbing however, that if I choose to speak with you in a brother-to-brother private conversation “at Dillards” or elsewhere, I may happen to find a distorted version of the discussion in your column, or at your “Rev-evolution” blog/website. Is this “rev-evolutionary”? It is also questionable that you would publicly ridicule what was said by others (i.e., Dr. Lavonia Allison, Dr. Lorenzo Lynch) who by coming to your “office” were obviously seeking to meet with you privately. Interestingly, you attacked Allison’s “getting rid of” a written “Memorandum of Understanding” (between blacks and whites) yet you criticized her, for obviously seeking an “understanding” between you, her, and how to best relate to the black community. It therefore appears the “Memorandum of Understanding” is more needed between “black leadership” and other black people like you who pride themselves on “attacking black leadership”. Again, this is not to say “black leaders” should “never be criticized”.

    I am very familiar with the historically hostile relationship between “black leadership” in Durham and the Herald-Sun newspaper. I subsequently believe anyone who signs on to work for the Herald-Sun do so with the understanding there will be no “free passes” given to Durham’s so-called “black leaders”. This is nothing new. “Attacking black leaders” is more likely to be an unwritten part of the Herald-Sun’s job description.

    Whether some one will “attack black leaders” has never been the problem or the question. All of the “free passes” are normally given to those who partake in acts of systemic injustice and/or those who represent a racially oppressive power structure. Therefore it is most apparent, based upon the horrific numbers regarding suspensions, homicides, prosecutorial misconduct, police brutality, and rates of incarceration relative to black people, there are not enough “criticisms”, “attacks”, or “questions” raised toward those who enforce unjust laws and practice systematic racism.

    Yes, you did in fact help the Herald-Sun to smear/discredit certain “black leaders” who were already targeted by the persecution of racial hatred, while you on the other hand helped to defend those I challenged most such as Ted Drain and Superintendent Ann Denlinger as they wrongfully fired many black principals; began enforcing unfair “zero tolerance” policies for students; suspended and/or pushed out more than half of the black youth male high school population, as Denlinger ultimately became the single greatest contributor toward the escalation of black youth homicides, gangs, and massive black male incarceration in Durham over the past ten years. So what is your point?

    So make no mistake. Let’s not flatter ourselves as if it takes courage to “attack” black people who are already under attack and being strategically marginalized. It does not take any courage, ministry, or special brand of leadership to kick those who are already on the ground. I see very few “black leaders” who are asking or expecting to be above fair scrutiny. This in of itself is an affirmative-action-based myth (as if blacks all want “free cheese”, a “free ride”, or to become a leader “free” of scrutiny). My God can’t we give these old misconceptions a rest? My problem with the Carl Kenny “attacks”, is not whether he should attack “blacks”. The problem is, Carl has sadly made a reputation by joining certain “bitter” whites in “attacking” me and certain other “black leaders” UNFAIRLY. How did Carl help poor black children by “attacking” me for “protesting” a Superintendent who has unfairly used the educational system to exterminate or incarcerate black youth, when it was suppose to “educate” these youth? It is very easy to sit up on the blog or behind a columnist desk and throw stones at “black leadership” rather than working and sacrificing as the Lord has asked of the Good Shepherd.

    Curtis E. Gatewood

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