Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is George Zimmerman payback for OJ Simpson?

I’m beginning to think George Zimmerman is the white community’s payback for OJ.

If it don’t fit, you must acquit, has been replaced with stand your ground.  The former isn’t as catchy, but you get the drift.

Both cases came down to the interpretation of law and lack of evidence.  Both left you feeling ole dude got away with murder.  Both also left a foul taste after everything was said and done. The taste never went away.

Both cases concluded with a collective yell – “We gonna get ya sucker!”

In other words, it’s not over yet.  You can feel the blood oozing through the veins of people Hell bent of finding Zimmerman guilty of something – anything.  If not for the murder of Trayvon Martin, dude must pay.

Sadly, in the cases of both Orange Juice and Zimmy, you only have to wait a few days for them to expose their naked behinds and dirty laundry.  You would think Zimmerman would hide under a rock and shout “Thank ya Jesus” until his wheelchair is too rusty to move, but nope.

Instead of finding religion, Zimmerman has been accused of threatening his estranged wife and her father with a gun.  Days earlier, Shellie Zimmerman had filed for divorce.

George got off for standing his ground, but Shellie is not standing by her man.

"He's in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying 'step closer' and he's just threatening all of us," Shellie Zimmerman said in a 911 call.

Shellie later said she never saw a gun, and no gun was found.  She says she won’t press charges, but police aren’t ready to dismiss charges.  Police say video of the alleged dispute on Shellie’s damaged IPad could determine if charges are filed.

Although Shellie and her father claim they saw no gun, WKMG TV reports that Mar O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney, says Zimmerman had a gun holstered to his body.

I question the judgment of carrying a gun after the case. What’s the point? Does he want to prove a point, or to find someone else to intimidate for waking while black?

It’s that type of poor judgment that led to the murder of Trayvon.  With people already itching for a fight, why carry a gun? Why get stopped, on multiple occasions, for speeding? Why destroy recoded evidence?

“He then accosted my father then took my iPad out of my hands. He then smashed it and cut it with a pocketknife, and there is a Lake Mary city worker across the street that I believe saw all of it," Shellie said in her 911 call.

Shellie brings her own set of matching bags to the party. On Aug. 28, she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor perjury and was sentenced to one year of probation. She had been accused of lying about the couple's financial situation when she testified at George Zimmerman's bond hearing in June 2012.

This may be a marriage arranged by the birds of a feather flocking together club.  You would think both would lay low and allow the smoke to settle instead of finding their way back in the news.  Go hide.  Take a vacation.  Move to another state.  Get plastic surgery, grow a mustache, become an organic farmer, teach yoga, meet the Dali Lama and promote world peace.  Do something different than carrying a gun and starting a domestic dispute.

The other option is to end up like the Juice.  Those crazy ways will catch up with you sooner or later.

Isn’t that what insanity is - doing stupid things while expecting a different result?

I forgot.  That doesn’t apply when you get away with murder.

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