Monday, August 5, 2013

What will it take to restore Riley Cooper after racial slur?

“I’ll fight every Nigger here,” that’s what Riley Cooper was recorded saying on a video at a Kenny Chesney concert. He was yelling at a black security guard.

What is the proper response to Cooper’s threat?

Bring it on? Or, no he didn’t.  Or, nodding in disbelief?

Cooper, a receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, has profusely apologized for spewing a racial slur that could cost his career.  How can he return to a game where 85% of the players are black after boasting to fight all of them?

It was stupid.  Those who know him best say the comments are out of character. Betty, his grandmother, called him to task for threating to fight a crowd of black men. Gramps isn’t backing Cooper. 

“[Riley] brought it upon himself, she told a reporter with TMZ. “And he has to deal with the consequences.”

Officials for the team say Riley has been sent threats after the video went viral.  The team fined Cooper before he left to seek counseling.

"Riley Cooper made us aware of the tweets when the video became public," the team said in a statement. "He told us that he did not know about the video. He informed us he blocked the tweets because he did not know the person nor understand the context of what that person was threatening.”

No one should be surprised by the threats. He offered to fight all of the Niggers. Not one, not two, but all of them.

The brothers are lining up to take their shots.  The problem that Cooper faces is a bunch of big dudes willing to take hard shots.  The game they play allows them the right to take their vengeance out on the field.  Expect hard hits aimed to make a point.

Cooper is facing not only if he will play again, but what to expect if he plays.

“Hey I'm putting a bounty on Riley's head. 1k to the first Free Safety or Strong safety that light his [profanity] up! Wake him up please.....,” Marcus Vick, the brother of Eagles quarterback Michal Vick, wrote on his Twitter page.

Big brother Michal was quick to lash out against his brother for his tweets and stated that he doesn’t agree with, and that they don’t represent how he feels.  That may be true, but how will the league protect Cooper from being the recipient of some old fashioned street justice?

"Riley is still my teammate and he just stood in front of us and apologized for what he said,” big brother Mike said.  “Somewhere deep down you’ve got to find some level of respect for that. To people in the outside world who don’t know how we’re dealing with it, they’re going to forge their own opinions, but my brother has to not show a certain level of ignorance himself.”

Having Michael Vick on your team may be the saving grace for Cooper.  He’s respected in the Eagles locker room.  He’s also respected among NFL players who rallied behind him after he spent time in prison for cruelty to animals. 

No one understands forgiveness and second chances like big brother Vick. He’s the best person to, no pun intended, call the dogs off of Cooper.  As leader of the Eagles, he’s the best person to bring Cooper back into the fold.  He’s also the best person to protect Cooper from the huge men chomping to take a hit.

Vick is the one person who can lead the black community in forgiving Cooper.

If that happens, there should be a standing ovation for Vick.

All of us deserve a second chance - even after a request to fight all of the Niggers.


  1. Smart and sensible response brother. I hope Mr. Vick steps up.

  2. i dunno, revd. I don't like violence AT ALL. and i'd hate to see Cooper brutalized for shooting off his stupid mouth. but it seems like there ought to be some consequences for that kind of stupidity. NOT violent consequences, but consequences. and Vick is not anyone's idea of a hero. i ain't followin' that leader anywhere. tyvm.

  3. The intelligent conversations taking place across the country about Riley's stupid threat are heartening to me. Not everyone is being as rational and forgiving as you, Carl, but I have heard some profound compassion and reason expressed on the air and in private conversations. It will be interesting to see how the players ultimately respond to him, and how he responds to counseling. For better or for worse, he has become a face for many who are like him but who have not had their ignorance tweeted to the universe. How will we all respond? Thank you for your insight.