Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Rev-elution stands by reporting on Mike Ruffin

The Rev-elution has confirmed through multiple sources that Mike Ruffin, Durham’s County Manager, has shared his intent to leave his position before July 1. Ruffin denied previous reports from the Rev-elution during an interview with Ray Gronberg of the Herald-Sun.

Multiple sources, both direct and indirect, have shared conversations with Ruffin related to his intent to leave his position with Durham County due to tension with members of the Board of County Commissioners.  The Rev-elution stands by the reporting on this matter.

“I have no plans to retire in July,” Ruffin informed the Herald-Sun via email. “I’ll be here for a while.”

A shift in plans for sure.

Ruffin’s response in the Herald-Sun conflicts with that of sources who shared conversations regarding Ruffin’s plans to leave before July 1.

The report from the Rev-elution led to rapid denial from Ruffin.  Why the shift in what has been reported by the Rev-elution? Why would Ruffin deny what has been confirmed by multiple sources? Why would members of the Board of County Commissioners deny what they know to be true?

There are two issues leading to the back peddling by Ruffin and Commissioners: pressure to locate long term financing for two construction projects (the social services building and the courthouse), and the county’s credit rating.  It is assumed that knowledge of Ruffin’s plan to leave could negatively impact both.  Ruffin does not want to be perceived as a lame duck manager who places the county at risk.

When pressed by Gronberg about a possible departure after July 1, Ruffin was unable to give a definitive answer.  There is suspension that Ruffin may leave after the July date, but there is significant reason to believe he will leave his post before the end of the year.

Members of the board are hush on this matter.  Who can blame them?  They have been advised to keep the matter in house.  The lesson learned relates to Ruffin managing his own secrets.

In Durham, people are listening.  If you wish to keep things quiet, keep it quiet until you’re ready to dance.

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