Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watch Those Assumption

Assumptions should never be made when it comes to evaluating the work of others. In my previous blog I apologized for hurting students. The apology came after meeting with teachers, students, parents and Earl Pappy to hear their concerns. My previous blogs were rendered after time spent with students at the school. The aftermath of my last blog takes me by surprise. Rather than accepting that apology, some of my readers have decided to lash out at my credibility.

I have thick skin. Over the years I have remained silent as my readers confront after reading my commentary. This produces a laundry list of assumptions about my work and my commitment to change. So, to those who have decided to attack me for a lack of participation in making a difference-shame on you for speaking before you checked the facts. In doing so you are guilty of the very thing you claim I’ve done-failed to get all the pertinent information before writing my blogs.

I have given my service to Hillside High. I’ve been at the school virtually every day this year. There are students in the school who know me. I pick them up, take them to eat, help them with their homework, mentor them, serve as their advocate. I have encouraged many of Hillside’s students to work toward pursuing a college degree. I have offered to pay for their application fee.

I submitted paper work to volunteer at Hillside High School. Afterwards, I presented a proposal to work with a group of African American boys within the school in a program I call “I-2-I”. In that program I proposed to use quotes from African American men to educate youth and to serve as a means to promote the development of character. I waited to hear from Hillside. After submitting the proposal and not hearing from the school about that proposal, I was contacted by the Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill, NC. The program was implemented there last year and continued this year.

It saddened me that Hillside didn’t respond. It could be the paperwork was lost in the shuffle. Maybe the failure is mine for not pressing more. Or, it could be Hillside struggled with finding the space and time for the program. I desperately wanted to give my services to Hillside. In passing, I mentioned the concept to Mr. Pappy. I contacted Minnie Forte after not hearing from central office about my application to volunteer. After months of waiting, she made the call and I was contacted the same day.

What is my point? I attempted to give my time to Hillside. I came with a model that was designed to connect young people to the amazing voices of the past. My desire was to teach history, literature and to instill tremendous pride within the young men who would have participated in the activity.

There’s more. I contacted women to do the same with the female students. I reached out to Monica Daye, a local spoken word artist and Hillside High graduate, about offering her service to the school. I spoke with Nakia Jones, a substitute teacher at Hillside, about participating in the program. My excitement dissipated when I received no word from the school.

The call I received from the Smith Middle School shifted my emphasis, but it did not alter my desire to work with the school. I have done that by working with students in the school. My readers made an amazing mistake in evaluating my work. One does not have to be in the school to work on behalf of the school. I’ve given tickets to the school to attend events at the Carolina Theatre. More than that, I have offered my support to the school. I have made it clear that I’m willing to do what I can to support Hillside High.

One should never make an assumption. I made a few that I regret. I failed to consider the feelings of the students at Hillside when I wrote that first blog. They have experienced far too much to endure more than they have. Assumptions can destroy the work before it has a chance to materialize. It’s so easy to stand behind them and attack void of any proof of the claims made. It was wrong for me to not consider the emotions stirred by my words.

For those who make assumptions related to the work that needs to be done at Hillside, and the failures of a minister and journalist who should do more than write about the problem, take a deep breath and listen. Everything you suggest was attempted. Not only that, much of that work has been done. The real issue is not about what hasn’t been done, but the root behind it not being done.


  1. I am currently a student at Hillside and I totally agree with your blog, be in mind that I like Mr. Pappy but I don't feel he made any changes its still the same from my freshman year and I'm now a senior. Personally I think Hillside is a cursed school since the day of open house when someone told me that everything will change once you walk in this building. They had a downfall after attending Hillside and dropping out later. The past article you wrote is nothing but a sense of reality that should have been said along time ago but some people are too blind to realize that a lot of students doing the bad are doing nothing more than committing suicide with their life.

  2. Hi Carl

    You know me very well. I am the parent of 2 of the boys that you pick up and mentor. I took some time out to read what everyone is ranting and raving about. As far as Hillside goes I originally did not want my boys attending Hillside. I wanted my children to go to another school as so many other parents did that lives in my zip code. That did not happen, so I decided to make the best of things and be active parent at Hillside. But I too have walked the hall of Hillside and saw very disturbing things. I had to break up two young ladies fighting in the chorus room while student egged them on and there was no adult or police anywhere. So me a parent that is not as big as some of the children that attend Hillside broke the fight up. Then it took me approx 10min to find someone to assist me. On another ocassion my youngest son and I was walking from New Tech and a young lady for no reason turned the trash can over. A police officer was standing down the hall and I brought it to his attention. His response was that is what they do and carried on doing nothing. So I say too all those people at the meeting on 5/4/09. He did not make the school look bad. Hillside does not need any help with that. And no one person can change the school. It takes parents who care about the kids and their education. Also too the person who stated that Carl needs to be in the school instead of writing about it. He tried but did not get any response. So he went to one of Chapel Hill middle schools and the young men in his group grades improved by 1 letter grade and there behaviors changed drasticly. So with all this said we meaning parents and other adults can agree to diagree as long as we stay respectful. This is what we need teach our kids.

  3. The several blog entries about Hillside High School and the replies to those blogs are interesting. Reminds me of the story of the blind men and the elephant, with each man describing the elephant only in terms of what body part he was touching. Each author only sees things from their own perspective, but they all tell us something about the whole.

    The comments on the Hillside blogs range from:

    ** "I'm a student there and I agree with your chilling and hopeless description of Hillside."

    ** "I'm a student there and would rather you focus on the good things at the school because they reflect on me and perpetuate stereotypes."

    ** "I'm a student at Hillside but haven't learned any communication skills, and don't know it yet, but the lack of those skills will keep me on the bottom rung of the economic ladder."

    ** "I'm in the teaching profession and few Hillside students seem to possess any communication skills, but I don't know how to improve the situation."

    ** "I'm pissed off that once again you have embarassed the black community by publicizing the failings of a primarily black school."

    ** "I'm mad at you because you don't have all the answers to the seeming failures of predominantly black schools, even though no one else has those answers either."

    ** "It would be different if more white kids were at Hillside, but I'm not sure why since our school funding and facilities are comparable to other area schools, and I don't expect the white kids to teach the black kids because teachers should do that, but everyone knows that white teachers can't teach black kids so we need more black teachers even though some of them can't pass their own courses, and most of these problems are the result of a white school board .... oops."

    ** "I'm a parent of a Hillside child and only want what's best for my children, your children, and the community, but I feel powerless in the face of social trends that seem beyond my control."

    All of the points of view have some validity, however narrow the opinions, but it's the last, Hillside parental view that matters to me most. It reflects what each of us in the community want for our children - the best education in the safest environment.

    Carl, I'm glad your blogs re-started this discussion in our community. I just hope that all of us who have a stake in Hillside stop blaming others, develop serious dialogue with those of different beliefs, and try to seek a way out of this morass. If we passively leave all of this to someone else to solve, we'll be waiting for a long time.

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