Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baptist Position on Women Inconsistent

I’m confused by the hypocrisy of some people. I can take people disregarding and disrespecting others because of some difference. Stupidity I can deal with. I’m used to that. What I can’t take is the inconsistency that comes with making a decision to limit a person due to gender, race or sexual orientation.

An example comes from the good ole boys club called the Southern Baptist Convention. These Christians love to hate. Last year it was Mickey Mouse for Disney’s policy to provide benefits to gay and lesbian couples. A few churches got kicked out of the convention for being too loving. Give me a break.

The most recent attack, one mo time, is against women in ministry. It’s an old battle that is one among many issues that led to a split within the convention. Those Southern Baptist Christians get a thrill out of getting their women to submit to their husbands and remaining in their rightful place. Wash them dishes woman and get my food on that table.

The Southern Baptist Convention is the owner of LifeWay Christian stores. The convention decided to pull copies of Gospel Today, a Christian magazine based out of Atlanta, due to its cover story featuring five female pastors. God forbid! How dare that magazine promote the role of women as leaders! How dare they push for the equality of women given the Bibles clear position against women taking a leadership role!

I could engage in a long conversation into how those who take that position don’t know how to read. Please give me a break. Those Southern Baptist are so enamored with maintaining a culture that affirms those with male genitalia that they reject the truth glaring them in the face. I just wish people would learn to read rather than hate.

Local folks are livid because one of our local gems is on that cover. Sheryl Brady, the 48-year-old pastor of the River Church, was featured in that story. It irked me that the focus of the decision is rooted in the gender of the folks on the cover versus the theological basis behind their ministry. I have issues with the women on the cover, but it’s not because of gender. It’s their theology and lack of training that gets under my skin. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Let’s talk about that hypocrisy. Those same Christians, who have the guts to pull a magazine because it promotes the leadership of women, are positioned to vote for a woman to take second seat in leading our nation. Help me understand why that doesn’t sound like someone is hooked on stupid.

Are they saying a woman can lead the nation but not a congregation of 800 people? If a woman is prohibited, by gender, from leading a church, why would they grant a sister a right to lead the nation? If you plan on taking a sexist position please be consistent with your sexism. It’s getting complicated for those who are trying to keep up with your narrow mindedness.

I’m prepared to accept that those Southern Baptist Christians refuse to accept that God loves all people in the same way, and that men don’t get special privileges because they have a penis. No problem. That helps me in deciding where to go to worship. I’d rather not fellowship with people tainted by stupidity and hatred.

I will give them space to hate on their own, but please people, if you are going to disregard women, be consistent. That’s all I’m asking. Just stay on the same page so we can adjust to your foolishness.


  1. Once again, the SBC shows us that the Taliban mentality is alive and well in the United States.

    Ever wonder, if God's words are so clear, why there are over 100 Protestant denominations alone, each claiming to know exactly what God said? And each of them claiming different messages? If I was God, I would be pissed.

    Multiply that times numerous world religions, each with their oft-warring factions, and the real meaning of the Tower of Babel concept becomes obvious.

    Why is it that so many people derive comfort from various religions? Are we so infantile and lost in this world that we need a theistic Mommy/Daddy to tell us what to do? Certainly much easier than thinking for ourselves. Or we can hire persons claiming direct commection to Mommy/Daddy God to do our thinking for us (or to benefit themselves).

    So, thank God for the SBC and its rigid rules. I'm off to their web site to get some new official clothing (www.burka.com).

  2. Hey Rev, way to be tolerant of other religions and cultures! Don't like how they do things, why not call them stupid? Are Catholics stupid, too, and Muslims? How about the Jews? Its a wonder you can put on such a happy face with all these idiots wandering around! Thank goodness you worship the one true God and live your life the right way, while the rest of the world stumbles around in the dark...

  3. Concerning the Baptist position on women inconsistent==All I heard was a bunch of complaining without reason. It's like Daddy tells you that you have to be in by ten and you throw a fit. Put some power in your voice. Give all the Biblical examples of woman Pastors, Priest etc...
    Or at least state that you don't believe in the Bible or the Bible is not for us today or some such nonsense that would at least recognize that you are wrong but for a perceived reason.
    Give a reason for Timothy and Titus demanding the Pastor is to be the Husband of one wife and not the other way around. Don't come up with now there is no difference in Christ..male-female... as we know they were speaking of a right to salvation and the genitalia you so jealously speak of whether you like it or not is different then the woman of the species. On a friendlier note, God never said woman were inferior, He just said there was an order of things thats why Jesus who was equal to the Father put Himself under the father. If He could do it you can. Hey, if I thought Got wanted it, my wife would make a good preacher. I could cook and clean and take care of the kids. I would love it but that is not what He has ordained for me. So come on and give some Biblical reasons for your unhappiness but if I may suggest, your submission will make you more happier than fighting God.

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    I am on the floor laughing so hard ....

    Thanks for this today.

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